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Give Hope to The African Child 

Maligu Soya Development Organization (MASODEO) is a non profit making N.G.O. opperating in the Republic of Ghana, Northen Region, our Organization currently works with more than eight (8) rural poor communities in the Northen Region of Ghana. Theses communities are made up of rural settlement with population of not less  2,500 inhabitance and population density of 8.57 people per square kilometers. These communities are made of farmers growing crops like yam, Cassava, Maize, Beans, Cashew, Sheabutter, and Groundnuts also rarer animals for their livelihood.

The formation of MASODEO was necessitated by the growing interest for local initiative and efforts to facilitate the process of achieving and sustaining lasting peace and development, to eradicate all forms of child labour and domestic voilence agains them, enabling them to enjoy their natural and civic rights.          



The work of MASODEO is to enroll local deprived women groups, youth clubs and C.B.Os to fight against domestic violence in women and children also to equip them with technical assistance, to work to alleviate Trafficking in Women and Children, Human rights, Advocacy on HIV/AIDS.